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5 Apr 2022

As a result of the rapidly changing environment since the AGM vote in January, we have looked for a solution to the valid concerns of those Clubs having issues with costs and volunteers while also respecting the Clubs who wished to retain teas for 2022. If not agreed, Clubs must respect the AGM position of catering rather than opting out if the away team would like a tea to be provided.

Clubs can opt out of tea provision for the 2022 season by agreement with opposition clubs as below.


Where Clubs have indicated a preference to stay with teas there should be an acceptance for home fixture and similar consideration for reverse fixture as below.

The away team should be prepared to pay a maximum fee of £60 (12 teas) for the tea provided, and less for the basic option if required.

If no agreement to opt out, a basic 'meal deal' (sandwich & snack + drink) should be the minimum requirement. If the away team have specific dietary requirements they are advised to organise their own tea - the home club will offer to store food and drink as required in the club until the interval.

Clubs are required to communicate in good time with opposition clubs to agree requirements and let umpires know if they need to organise their own tea. 

A £5 fee per umpire will be payable by the Home team in this instance. 

Please can Clubs indicate their preference to League Secretary asap to allow coordination ahead of the new season.

1)     No teas first preference 

2)     Yes to teas first preference home and away

3)     Yes to teas home only - will agree away games by negotiation but must be catered if the away team insists.