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17 May 2024

I have received a number of requests to allow 1st T20 games cancelled on May 16 to be rearranged. The Cup Regs state that games should be rearranged within 6 days or the Competition Secretary should decide the outcome. However, I will allow games to be rearranged, if both teams agree, up to and including  June 6, the date of the last round of some group matches. All teams have at least one spare Thursday in that 4 week  period or may choose to play on a different night of the week.I will also allow subsequent games that are rain affected to be rearranged up to and including June 6.

If you do not wish to rearrange, or cannot agree a date with your opponents, the game will be cancelled with one point to each team. Please inform me of any new dates ASAP.

Thank you.

David Gane, T20 Cup Secretary.