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12 Apr 2021

CCCL Pre Season Briefing Note – Check list

Things to note in 2021

  • All 1st and 2nd XI games now start earlier at 12 noon except the last three weeks of the season starting at 11:30.
  • This change does not affect the existing rule allowing clubs to move match start times forward by up to an hour.
  • The League request this weekend a minute’s silence is held before the start of games to commemorate the life of the Duke of Edinburgh.
  • 2021 is a ball trial season so extra care must be taken with League balls:
    • Weeks   1-11         1st XI’s must use new Readers Imperial balls
    • Weeks 12-22         1st XI’s must use new Dukes balls
    • All Weeks              Other XI’s can use Readers Imperial or Readers Sovereign balls (new or used)
    • Cup matches         Lords International Pink Balls to be used – 1st XI must be new balls at start.
  • Performance marking of umpires is reintroduced in 1st XI League matches in 2021 with late return penalties.
  • Umpires marking Pitches and Grounds is reintroduced in 2021.
  • 1st XI slow over rate penalties are suspended while ball sanitisation procedures are in place.
  • Teas are “bring your own” until the League inform clubs otherwise.
  • Tea interval is 30 minutes but can be reduced by captains’ and umpires’ agreement during “bring your own”.
  • The League is about to launch a new bespoke website on www.cheshirecountycl.org.uk.
  • The League Pitchero website that previously used the URL of the new website has been discontinued.
  • Weekly updates showing forthcoming umpiring appointments will appear on the new site.
  • Additional briefing on the new website will follow in the next week.
  • With immediate effect the Cricket & Umpires Committees have sanctioned the use of bank transfers to pay umpires.
  • Bank Transfer payments to umpires must be made promptly, at the worst within four days of the game.
  • For early group matches in the 1st XI knock out overs have been reduced because of the requirement to sanitise the ball at six over intervals – the time allowed to complete overs, will be adjusted accordingly.

Actions required before the season starts

  • Ensure all team captains have read the ECB and Cheshire Cricket Board guidance published and updated regularly so that it can be followed in full – ignorance will be no defence against penalties for non-compliance.
  • In the “About Us” section of the Clubs Play Cricket site record name, telephone, and email details for all captains (pre first match) and all other key officers by the end of April.
  • If not already done respond to Ray Hunt with approval (or otherwise) of your club for live streaming at opposition clubs.
  • Identify who can send material to the Web Administrator (Jon Gledhill) of the new website for inclusion on the League site and send the single email address point that is to be used so that he can instruct clubs on the process to be used.
  • Confirm 1st round 2nd XI Cup dates with opponents and if the agreed date is not the default date inform Ian Greensmith (Umpires Appointments) and Brian Boys (Competition Secretary). The 1st round games are loaded onto Play Cricket.
  • Read the League’s recently issued Covid protocol which covers our thinking on what will happen if individual clubs and/or the League program is impacted by Covid related events.  

CCCL Cricket Committee

April 2021