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20 Apr 2022

As a result of a recent directive from the England and Wales Cricket Board, and in line with other ECB Premier Leagues, the CCCL have undertaken to adopt the new General Conduct Regulations (GCR). These will replace the existing League Disciplinary regulations for the 2022 season. 

The purpose of the GCR is to set consistent standards of conduct and behaviour and provide a single set of regulations which can be applied consistently at the top end of recreational cricket, to ensure that disciplinary matters are dealt with in a fair, efficient and consistent manner by cricket organisations and to provide assistance to cricket organisations when establishing and running their disciplinary processes.

The regulations are mandatory (for ECB Premier League`s) for 2022, the intention is to roll out them out more widely in the recreational game in the 2023 season.

A link to the GCR can be found at:


In order to comply with ECB guidance, the cricket committee have endorsed the adoption of 2 new posts:

Discipline Officer     -           Derek Barnett

Discipline Chair        -           Chris Rigg

Furthermore, the adoption of the GCR requires that all parties named in a disciplinary process should be served with a GDPR Privacy notice. In accordance with ECB advice however, it has been agreed that the notice can be posted on the league website.