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23 Jul 2021

At a meeting called at short notice and attended by representatives of Cheshire Cricket, the following amendments/clarifications were agreed, applicable to the end of the 2021 cricket season. The ECB guidance was not very specific, so the Board felt that a common approach should be drawn up and followed across the Cheshire pyramid.

Naturally, all current/revised guidance will be reviewed in good time prior to the 2022 season.


Sanitisation breaks

These have been amended to take place every 10 (TEN) OVERS, instead of the current 6 overs. This should have the effect of speeding up the game, although the application of slow over-rate penalties will continue to be suspended for the 2021 season.


Caps & Sweaters

Umpires will still not hold caps and sweaters


Use of saliva and sweat on the ball

Sweat and saliva must still not be applied to the ball; this practice has recently crept back into the game, but umpires will request that players desist.



Players and officials will continue to supply their own refreshments.


Dressing rooms

Use of dressing rooms will continue to be assessed by the clubs in line with their own risk assessments, and away teams should be given good notice of any restrictions by the home clubs before fixtures.



As for dressing rooms, the reintroduction of the supply of teas will be a matter of a club’s own risk assessment but, regardless of financial implications for home teams, it is expected that teas will NOT be supplied for the remainder of the 2021 season.


We hope that the season can run to its conclusion without any further restrictions but we will respond, if necessary, in line with government and ECB directives.



David Humpage                                                                                Selwyn Stephenson

Chairman, CCCL                                                                                Chairman, CCL