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27 Feb 2024

Big changes voted in at AGM.

As a consequence of the way in which our clubs voted there will be some significant changes to playing regulations for Saturday cricket in 2024.


The CCCL Cricket Committee committed to surveying Saturday players about win/lose cricket in 2023. This was done in early September when we emailed 1456 registered players (on Play Cricket) with a very simple one question survey. A total of 440 players responded which is an excellent 30% response rate.

The results show that except for 1st team Premier League, all Saturday divisions would prefer win/lose cricket. The preference for 1st team Premier League was for a hybrid format where 50% of matches are win/lose and the other 50% are traditional win/lose/draw.

We researched other Leagues and concluded that the Birmingham League (B&DPCL) playing format best suits our requirements. Their hybrid model has been in place since 2013, was set up in consultation with the players and has been refined and improved over the last ten years. As they play hybrid format, they have playing conditions for both win/lose matches and for win/lose/draw cricket which means our proposal had content for the divisions who only want win/lose cricket as well as the 1st team Premier division which prefers the full hybrid option.

We believe that these proven, robust playing conditions for both win/lose and win/lose/draw cricket are the best option available for the Cheshire County Cricket League and to ensure that the wishes of the players are respected.

The proposal voted on at the AGM was:

For the 2024 season, 1st team Premier division will play hybrid format (combination of win/lose and win/lose/draw) and all other divisions will play only win/lose format cricket.

The playing conditions being basically a copy of what is currently used in the Birmingham League.

AGM vote

The vote was nearly unanimous, so the new playing regulations will be in place for 2024.

What next?

There are some differences between 1st and 2nd team cricket because of there typically being no league appointed umpires for 2nd team matches and we want to remove some of the more challenging and potentially adversarial regulations.

Also, after consultation with our ACO Umpires Committee a few of the (B&DPCL) regulations have been tweaked to best fit with other existing CCCL rules.

The 1st team Premier League hybrid season will be constructed as follows:

Matches 1 to 5 inclusive – win/lose with red Dukes ball and white clothing.

Matches 6 to 16 inclusive – draw cricket with red Dukes ball and white clothing.

Matches 17 to 22 inclusive – win/lose with pink Dukes ball and coloured clothing.

All other 1st and 2nd team divisions will only play win/lose cricket and will use a red ball for all matches in 2024 with white clothing.

1st teams will use the red Dukes ball and 2nd teams will use the red Readers Sovereign ball.


As with all ‘change’ projects we should expect some challenges regarding misunderstanding, misinformation and misinterpretation.

These challenges will potentially involve players, officials and administrators and we expect all participants to behave responsibly should disagreements occur and seek an amicable solution.

The best way to limit the challenges is to get as many players, officials, administrators and spectators to read the attached documents which are the regulations for the new formats for Saturday cricket in 2024.


In 2024 clubs have voted to play win/lose cricket on Saturdays with a hybrid variation in 1st Team Premier League. The playing regulations were circulated to all clubs in advance of the AGM, so it has to be assumed that clubs were aware of the principles of the proposed regulations.

It is now incumbent on all those involved in CCCL cricket to embrace the new playing regulations in line with what the players have asked for.