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12 Apr 2021

CCCL1st XI T20 Cup

Special Covid related regulation.


Sanitisation procedures must be followed at the end of every 6 overs,

Consequently, there will be 3 breaks in play in a 20 over innings.

Prior to these procedures coming into force, there were many instances

of bad light issues during the month of May.

So, to mitigate against bad light issues, and to reduce the number of breaks required,

it has been decided that for games starting no later than 6.15pm the number of overs

for each team will be :

May 6th and 13th       16 overs   

May 20th and 27th     18 overs

After May 27th          20 overs

If games start later than 6.15pm the umpires will reduce the number of overs, as set out in

the existing regulations. The minimum number of overs at the start is 12 per side.

If the sanitisation requirements are lifted, this regulation will cease to apply.