Umpire Training Courses

By Geoff Young

ECB Stage 1 and Stage 2 Umpire courses

ECB ACO 2018-19
UMPIRES COURSE’S - Stage 1 & 2


Stage 1 This is designed to give an overview of the basic Laws of the game. It gives the tools to enable a person to umpire matches at the basic recreational level.

Stage 2 This course is designed to give you further knowledge and skills to enable you to become a member of a league panel and is available if you are a member and have attended the Stage 1 Course. It will complement that course by looking beyond the basic laws, build on field craft and match management techniques and introduce the concept of working, as a team, with a colleague.

THE COURSE FEE INCLUDES:- Resource pack & first year membership of ECB ACO (membership is optional and subject to meeting application criteria).

The cost of each Stage is £30. But Stage 1 and 2 taken consecutively will be at discounted cost of £40.

Stage 1. Saturday 2nd March at Toft CC. 9.30 am – 4.45 pm

URL link:-

Stage 2. Saturday 9th March at Toft CC. 9.30 am – 4.45 pm

URL link:-

Please register and pay ECB ACO direct using URL links.

For more information contact:-

GEOFF YOUNG 01352 755881
Cheshire Umpire Education Officer

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