Registration of 1st XI Players for all clubs required

By brian birtles

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A message from Website Administrator Darren Sutcliffe regarding 1st XI players

Division 1 & 2 are now required to register all players that will or may play for their 1st XI this year in addition to all Premier club's. My reason for this reminder is because so far only Widnes have taken steps to do this as they are playing in the Premier league anyway.

I may not have been clear enough at the AGM so please be aware of the following-

1. If a player plays in any 1st XI League game, and this includes during the season, without the club having applied for registration and the registration being accept by me, then the player will be classed as ineligible and the ineligible player penalties imposed as per the league rules.

2. Player registrations for the start of the season need to be undertaken now and not left until the week before the season starts as already I have picked up on a couple of possible registration issues which have since been resolved and the players in question approved, however it took a couple of days to clear up the issues. If this had happened just before the start of the season then the players may not have been able to play. In addition if there are a sudden rush of registrations just before the start of the season I may not have the time to work my way through them all in time for the first game so again making players ineligible if I haven't accepted their registration.

I trust that in view of the above, steps will be taken to advise play cricket administrator to commence registering players



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