Changes to Sunday cricket for 2019

By brian birtles

Win/lose cricket in East divisions, organised friendly matches in the West

There are a number of changes to the format of Sunday league cricket below the Premier league - this top division will still play 90 over draw cricket.

In the West:
The format will be 80 over cricket win/lose with the proviso that clubs can reduce the game to 60 overs by mutual agreement
A league table will be produced but there will be no promotion as we are trialing some variations to the player eligibility rules.
There will be an end of season review to consider the success or otherwise of the trial.

In the East:
3 divisions, East 1 & 2 with 10 teams and 13/14 teams in East 3
All teams will have 18 league fixtures
Matches will be 80 over win/lose, the draw has been removed.
The bottom side in the Premier division will be relegated to East 1, if the champion of that division wishes to be promoted.

The points system for the East and West divisions will be: 4 points for a win (including a win by concession), zero for a defeat and 2 points each in all other cases

Friendly games:
If your club is seeking Sunday friendly games please note the following contacts who are actively helping clubs to find suitable opponents. The league would encourage all friendly games to be input to play cricket so we can record the number of games played - the format of these matches is to be mutually agreed by clubs

West - Jon Hacking

East - Marcus Fisher

Where next?

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