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"Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS) method is a formula to fairly calculate the winning side when inclement weather intervenes and the match is interrupted, which includes re-calculating totals when time is lost in the match. The CCCL will begin use of DLS in the 2024 season but the points below should be noted: 

1.     The HOME club is responsible for producing and displaying DLS par scores utilising DLS V5.

2.     After any hold up in play, the umpires shall notify the scorers of the number of overs lost. The scorers shall enter the "interruption" and perform any calculations/produce the par score tables (over-by-over version) as required at that time.

3.     The umpires are only responsible for recalculating the overs and giving these details to the scorers, but both umpires shall satisfy themselves as to the correctness ofall such calculations before allowing further play to take place.

4.     It is the responsibility of the HOME club to make available to the captains and umpires an electronic set of par score tables(email/smartphone or printouts) showing the par score at the end of each over according to how many wickets have been lost. This table shall be produced before the beginning of the innings of the side batting second in all limited overs matches and shall be revised after every interruption/loss of overs with an amended table being available, on request, to each captain and to the umpires before play is re-started.Note: Where scorers use a tablet to score, they will have no facility to produce DLS par score tables. That facility only exists in PCS PRO.

5.     From the beginning of the innings of the side batting second in all limited over matches, the DLS par score at the end of the over in progress shall be displayed on the scoreboard and updated whenever it changes, i.e. at the end of the over or when a wicket falls.

6.     Failure to carry out steps 4. and 5. above shall be reported by the umpires to the Competition Secretary. He, in turn, shall report the facts to the Cricket Committee which has the power to impose penalties as it sees fit.

7.     Any dispute between the scorers as to the par score or any other DLS matter shall, in the first instance, be referred to the captains who shall endeavour, in good faith, to resolve it. Only if the captains fail to reach agreement shall the matter in dispute be referred to the umpires whose decision shall be final.