Saturday 7th July

By Ray Hunt

Special One Off Arrangements for World Cup match

Following Tuesday night's triumph by the England football team we have received a number of requests from clubs seeking to either amend the starting time of their matches this coming Saturday or extend the tea interval or to do a combination of both. Given that it was the events of last night that have triggered the requests it is judged appropriate by the CCCL Executive to relax the normal requirement for 7 days notice and so this has been agreed. Given the kick off time for the quarter final it is understandable that clubs will want to extend the tea interval to cover all or most of the playing time so that has also been agreed in principle by the Executive as well. However we feel no team or official should be forced to agree to any change against their will so it must be on a fully mutually agreed basis.

To that end if both teams and all league appointed panel umpires are in agreement clubs will be able, without needing specific approval from league officials, to arrange their match around the England v Sweden game. The home team will be expected to seek the agreement of the away team and any appointed panel umpires.If any of the parties wish the game to go ahead at the standard time or do not agree to an extension of the tea stoppage then it must take place as originally scheduled. We realise some people will not be particularly interested in the football and feel we should stick to the schedule but we feel that clubs may struggle to put out full teams in their lower sides or may even default fixtures so we have made these changes in the spirit of the ECB motto of "Get the Game on".

With the flexibility though comes risk so...................... the following guidelines must be followed;

All approvals must be received (i.e. no passive assumption of consent allowed) and must be precise in what hours of play are envisaged.
The length of the match (i.e. number of overs) must be agreed before the toss. By mutual agreement up to ten overs can be trimmed from games.
If the game is shortened the Match Format table (Handbook page 108) will be used to determine batting points and maximum overs per bowler.
Pre toss agreement is required on how clubs intend to deal with extra time and/or penalties in the football should they occur.
In games with appointed panel umpires this must be agreed with the umpires who will advise whether an agreement is credible and who will suggest adjustments if not.
Play Cricket result loading targets must still be met despite games probably finishing later than normally.
Given the relaxations above it is vital that captains are more vigilant than ever in maintaining good over rates.
Good weather is forecast but if the outlook changes this must also be considered before the toss.

Any questions please contact the Chairman, Secretary or the Competition Secretaries Ian Sharrock (1st XI) or Brian Boys (2nd XI) to discuss.

CCCL Executive

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