CCCL Social Media Policy 2018

3 weeks ago By Ray Hunt

Reminder to Keep Communications Respectful

Members are reminded to keep all their communications respectful and reasonable in content and tone.
League and sponsor reputation should be kept in mind in line with CCCL standing and managed accordingly.
Official club accounts should not be involved in contentious issues of policy, decisions or match officiating.
Individual accounts should carry an appropriate disclaimer before commenting (politely) on such issues.
No abuse or inappropriate usage will be tolerated and can be sanctioned under League rules.
Safeguarding and child welfare policies should be read and understood before posting communications.
CCCL clubs are asked to remind their members that they should keep their communications legal, decent, honest and truthful.
Penalties for breach of this policy may be treated as a disciplinary issue for the League with full sanctions available and retraction if required.
Clubs are requested to concentrate their social media activities to promote participation in the game and club activities.

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