August League Newsletter

By Richard Fennah

A trial edition produced by editor James Emmerson

‘Editor’ is a grand-sounding title, but it’s the best word I can use to describe what I envisage this role to be all about - sifting through the mass of information and news that our wonderful game generates, and trying to reflect it all fairly in this sort of format. It’s been clear from the feedback that the previous newsletter provided a connection with Cheshire cricket that was hugely valued, and the sheer amount of work put into it by Mike Talbot-Butler over very many years cannot be over-estimated. I will certainly not come halfway close to matching his efforts in that regard. What I am trying to do is provide something worthwhile within the time constraints I have - hence this will be a monthly offering rather than weekly. It won’t be full of detail and score-cards - you know where to find those by now, and thanks to the many great, dedicated scorers Cheshire has, the live scores facility has never been more popular or useful! In addition, a number of clubs provide great insight into their games on their webpages, so do have a look around. What I am trying to do is fly the flag for Cheshire crick-et, bring to life some of the action and exploits, the drama and (hopefully) the humour of the past month which all go to make recreational cricket such a vitally important form of the game. The 4Cs commit-tee have shown a remark-able faith in me to try this out, and I am thankful to all who have responded positively to my pestering for information. So let’s see how we go. I will await feedback on this issue and then make some decisions as to what might be possible for the future, but for now, thanks for reading, feel free to pass this newsletter on, and most important of all, stay in the game!

James Emmerson


Where next?

Pitch & Outfield Reports The updated pitch & outfield marks up to Week 16 collated by John Bygate
CCCL Umpire Appointments for 25th and 26th August 1st and 2nd XI Umpire Appointments for Sat 25th & Sun 26th. Start Times - As per League Handbook page 105:- Premier = 11.30 am, Div 1 & Div 2 = 12 Noon

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